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Prague - 10. 9. | Brno - 17. 9.

Pay for Queer Ball tickets with your card

We have opened credit card payments for you! Now you can also pay for your Queer Ball tickets with a credit card or PayPal account. Unfortunately this service is not free, we have to charge a 5% fee to the intermediary for your payment. We hope you won't mind and that you will choose the right type of payment for your Queer Ball tickets. You can still buy tickets on our website.

Saša Rašilov hosts the Queer Ball in Brno

Queer Ball in Brno is coming up pretty quickly. However, we haven't told you who will be the host yet. This year's Queer Ball in Brno will be hosted by actor Saša Rašilov, whom you may know from TV shows, films and theatre performances. We are looking forward to his moderation and believe that his moderating skills and humour will entertain all visitors of this popular LGBTQ+ event in Brno.

moderator 2022 Brno

Meet us at Prague Pride

The biggest event of this summer - Prague Pride is here! The festival will culminate on Saturday August, 13 with a rainbow parade through Prague. It will go to Pride Park (Letná) where our Queer Ball kiosk will be waiting for you. Here we will introduce you to the Queer Ball (LGBT+ Ball) - you will be able to buy tickets for our next LGBT+ events in Brno and Prague. From 14:00 to 18:00 we will be happy to sell you tickets and talk about our event. We'd love to meet queer people, the lgbt community, our visitors and fans! Happy Pride!

Of course, you can also purchase tickets for the Queer Ball online at this website.

Josef Mádle invites to the Queer Ball in Prague

This year's Queer Ball in Prague will be hosted by actor and CNN Prima News presenter Josef Mádle. We caught up with him this summer at a summer camp whose theme was fairy tales. Coincidentally, this year's Queer Ball will also have a fairy tale theme. So the invitation is very stylish. :-)


Josef Mádle hosts Queer Ball in Prague

Queer Ball in Prague is knocking slowly on the door. Only a month and a half to go and there will be next night full of dancing, great music and fun. Queer Ball includes a host or hostess. This year's will be hosted by actor and host Josef Mádle. We look forward to his moderation and believe that his moderating skills and humour will entertain all visitors to this popular ball.

007 josef madle

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Support Queer Ball! Print and publish our poster!

Do you want to support Queer Ball? It's easy. 🙂 Download our poster, print it out and put it up at your work, home, or favorite coffee shop. Thank you. ❤️

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What to wear at the Queer Ball?

As the date approaches, we're getting more and more questions about what to wear to this year's Once Upon A Time-themed Queer Ball. As we'd like to keep the event on a high, but still make you feel good about yourself, here's some information and advice on what to wear.

The Queer Ball is a semi-formal ball, which means that attendees are not strictly required to wear formal dress code. However, Queer Ball is also a social event and the standard of dress should be kept. We therefore recommend a suit or dress for women and trousers, shirt and bow tie or tie for men. For those of you who don't want to be labelled and don't care about gender, we won't force a male or female outfit, of course. Suits or evening dress are not required, but of course not forbidden either.

tema plesu

Ball theme: The theme of the ball this year is - very freely translated - "once upon a time". Surely you have already correctly guessed what this well-known phrase is associated with. This year's ball will be full of fairy tale characters. This year, visitors can wear everything associated with fairy tale and fictional characters. We think the range of options is very varied. We leave it all up to each of you to choose your own. It's not a requirement, but if you make your outfit this way, the ball will be more colourful and fun.What do we definitely not recommend? Jeans, which in our opinion do not belong at such an event.

And finally? The important thing is that you feel comfortable at the event and enjoy the evening, think about your comfort first and foremost when choosing your outfit.

We look forward to seeing you at the ball!